The Power In Each Thought, Word or Action

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now and later check boxes written on a blackboard.

“I never wear a watch, because I always know it’s now – and now is when you should do it.” – Steve Mariucci

Good old nostalgia. It used to be… simpler, there were stronger connections, less busy, etc. etc. etc. Have you ever had one of these thoughts or heard someone else pondering the virtues of a different time? What about aspirational gazing? If… When… etc. etc. etc. Ever catch yourself in those moments of believing that yours or others thoughts, words or actions will change when something else external does first? But what is real in each of these moments, and what is the ‘story’ that we have created to keep us from owning the power in each thought, word or action?

“Be here now.” – Ram Dass

Projecting our fears, insecurities, challenges and humanness onto others or external circumstances can be very common. Growing our awareness, or catching ourselves while we are doing it, can pass back the key that we have given away in these moments. This key, when we take it back, opens up owning the power available to us in each thought, word or action. Our goal then within our individual and shared journeys of potential is not to eliminate fear, insecurities, challenge or our humanness from our lives, or judge ourselves or others harshly when we will inevitably engage in these ways of being, but rather as the quote above reminds us, keep coming back to ‘be here now’.

“Comparison, a great teacher once told me, is the cardinal sin of modern life. It traps us in a game that we can’t win. Once we define ourselves in terms of others, we lose the freedom to shape our own lives.” – Jim Collins

Change and growth are incremental experiences. Whenever our minds slip into various forms of comparison, like nostalgia or aspirational gazing, we can be kept frustrated, fearful or disempowered as the perceived destination or memory should be here now, rather than embracing the reality of being here now and using the power within that thought, word or action to make a difference in our own or others lives. If the feeling or why associated with the nostalgia or aspiration is important, we have the opportunity to embody it and allow those purposeful ripples to help shape the families, schools, workplaces and communities that we aspire to live in. Nothing just happens overnight, it is our commitment to empowered daily practices that provides us with opportunities to, “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi.

What reminders do you use in your life to catch yourself and bring yourself back to ‘be here now’? What’s possible when we (individually and collectively) create purposeful ripples within our families, schools, workplaces and communities grounded in embracing reality and owning the power in each thought, word and action? What change and growth do you wish to be?

“Each of us has the opportunity to change and grow until our very last breath. Happy creating.” – M.F. Ryan


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