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How often does something really resonate or connect with us deeply and then the mind throws up but …? The something could have been while sitting watching your child playing on the swings, or hearing an engaging talk at a conference or online, or how simplifying or decluttering provided more space, time and connection, or simply a moment of gratitude for an act of kindness by a stranger. Then moments after, does the ‘but’ creep in. This might work for others, it won’t for me! It is just the way it is, it will never change! There are no other options, just suck it up and get on with it! Everyone else is doing it, what would they think if I didn’t? I don’t have time, maybe when …

The idea, theme or experience that grabbed your attention reminds us of a bridge to an individual or collective truth, or an opportunity to authentically align to all the things we want more of in our lives. The ‘but’ is the minds attempt to fend off a perceived missing out on, losing or having to give up something, that we can’t look different or be caught out, or most importantly that as individuals we don’t have a choice or can’t make an impact. These ideas of comparison, winning and losing, and the game that must be played to get ahead or succeed are born out of scarcity and ‘accepted’, when not challenged, norms or criterion. These don’t reflect the true abundance that is present in our lives when our compasses are adjusted to lead our daily thoughts, words and actions this way.

This past week Drew Dudley’s newest TEDx Talk provided me with an opportunity to reflect on these themes discussed above. Drew’s talks are always engaging, challenging and inspiring, I love his use of personal stories that highlight and make real the topic being explored. I found so much of it resonated and connected deeply to my own individual and our collective truth, and reminded us of many of the thoughts, words and actions that get in the way. I found myself on multiple occasions proclaiming YEAH as I listened to the talk unfold. Instead of a ‘but’ creeping in afterwards though I found myself thinking or saying ‘AND’.

It was either an ‘and’ as a reminder to keep fostering certain thoughts, words and actions in my daily life, or an ‘and’ as the starter of further exploration and discovery in my personal or professional spheres of influence. Both of these types of ‘ands’ were leading me to authentic action, while compassionately understanding that past thoughts, words and actions do not dictate what’s possible in any given moment and that the journey involves consistently keeping the compass aligned to true abundance. As Drew so eloquently states, there may be certain limits to external measures of success or fulfilment, but there is definitely no limits to the amount of self worth, satisfaction and happiness available to us all.

I hope you enjoy watching the talk linked below and are able to reflect on what resonates most deeply for you. The human systems we have created over time, either personal like daily thoughts, words and actions or collective like the education system, work place or corporate culture, community roles and responsibilities serve or have served a purpose in our lives at different realities and stages of development. They are however constantly evolving and not set in stone. Our role as ‘informed, connected and empowered individuals’ is to evaluate how they are impacting our own and others lives, and then ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’ through our own spheres of influence. Each of us have choices and these choices provide us with opportunities to make a difference for self, others and the world around us through our daily thoughts, words and actions.



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