We are all Broadcasters

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A phrase that has stuck with me lately is, ‘We are all broadcasters’. It is something that Michelle Gielan spoke about at Wired for Wonder earlier in the month. Her personal story of chasing the perfect newsroom anchor role in the States to becoming an expert on the science of positive communication was an engaging one. We consistently hear water cooler discussions about the power, role and selection of stories portrayed by the ‘broadcasters’, especially at times like these in Australia with a federal election a few weeks away. But what is our personal responsibility in the ‘broadcasting’ process?

Too often we give up our power to inspire, enlighten and influence through a myriad of daily communication interactions and instead blame everyone or everything else. I found Michelle’s talk empowering. Simple reminders of how none of us need to wait for others in this process. Rather each of us as individuals can AMPLIFY the way WE communicate, moving us through:

Same Circumstances – Mindset Shift – Positive Action – New Reality

How we tell the story as we navigate our journey of potential is ultimately up to us.

Working with kids, watching them engage in challenges, games and experiences, I am constantly observing the skills, attitudes and behaviours that individuals employ that enhance or limit success. My role in this process is providing opportunities for the participants to reflect on and process their learning so that connection to meaningful action beyond the program can take place. I loved what Michelle spoke about in relation to optimistic thinkers. These individuals see negative events as temporary and local, while understanding that their behaviour does matter. These two things are central to what we strive to foster within our programs at Explore Discover Act.

I loved this short video below when I saw it quite a while ago. It made me think. It made me question. It challenged me. It reminds me of the messages discussed above. I hope you enjoy it and are able to consider what you are broadcasting through your daily thoughts, words and actions. Have a great weekend!

“Communication is depositing a part of yourself in another person” – Anonymous


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