Daily Thoughts, Words and Actions out of the ‘Box’

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“Human beings are not one dimensional.” – iO Tillett Wright from her talk linked above.

Whenever we attempt to place another person or group of people into a ‘box’, we do a disservice to self, others and the world around us. These predetermined judgements that we buy into serve to limit, separate and divide through perceived differences and fear, not allowing us to view the connection that exists between us all as humans and the acknowledgement of each individual’s authentic potential.

This journey of potential that each of us is on involves daily thoughts, words and actions. These thoughts, words and actions are our opportunities to connect, authentically engaging in making a difference in our own and others lives and fostering deepening purpose and meaning. Courage and the awareness and appreciation of our human vulnerability are required to effectively navigate these ongoing interactions. We can all assist in building an attitude of I Can, a belief in You Can, and inspiring We Can within our families, communities and the greater global village.

The personal and shared journey that is described in the TED Talk above may include different themes, issues or challenges to your own but it reflects a shared human experience. It is important that we continue to discuss and evaluate the ‘boxes’ that we try to place ourselves and others in as these can not reflect the complexity or multi dimensional elements of potential that make up the seven billion stories that are unfolding as I write. When we really look into the eyes of another, like the project that is being described in the TED Talk above, we see hopes, dreams, joy, sorrow, insecurities and experiences just like our own, as we are all human at our core.

Everyday individuals and groups within the global village attempt to navigate the successes and challenges of life. Consider how our daily thoughts, words and actions are impacted by individual and collective ‘boxes’ or limiting beliefs or actions and what we can continue to do to challenge these.

“I’m neither an optimist nor a pessimist. I am a dyed-in-the-wool possibilist! By this, I mean with an eco-mind, we see that everything’s connected and change is the only constant.” Frances Moore Lappé



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