TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

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TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.

What a week. Four day program for 205 students. It provided for lots of fun, lots of challenges and activities, lots of names to learn, lots of individual and group insights and meaningful connections, and of course lots of staff, program and logistical organisation and planning. The quote above really sums up how weeks like this one are possible, each individuals thoughts, words and actions contribute to creating an experience that will be remembered by these students for a long time.

This TEAM includes the inspiring professionals working with the groups as Explore Discover Act facilitators. Their role is highly valued and vital in providing a safe, inclusive and supportive environment so that the participants can explore the possibilities, discover their potential and act authentically. They bring their skills, expertise and energy to the TEAM, empowering an attitude of I can, a belief in You can and inspiring We can. But this is just one piece of the TEAM puzzle that is involved in providing quality programs.

It is also the ongoing building of connection with the client school, the teachers and school communities who see the value of the time and effort involved in organising experiences like these for their students. We are very grateful to all our clients for assisting us within this process, the smiles on the students faces, their interactions with teachers and Explore Discover Act staff, the excitement, curiosity, courage and connection that becomes evident highlights the importance of varied experiential learning within the journey of potential that each student is on. It is our privilege to support schools in this way.

The participants are always central to this TEAM puzzle. The organisation, planning and preparation with Explore Discover Act and school staff is for the benefit of the students who will participate. Making opportunities engaging and challenging, while providing for appropriate reflection, allows for meaningful connection to thoughts, words and actions beyond the program. This awareness and appreciation of skills, attitudes and behaviours that assist individuals and groups within their journey of potential is such a rewarding element of the TEAM puzzle.

Thanks to the whole TEAM involved in this fantastic past week. We look forward to continuing to foster this theme, TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More.



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