Smelling the Roses

August 11, 2012 at 12:44 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

This week has been full of reminders of that old saying, ‘to stop and smell the roses’. So many of us can experience busyness within our days, the pressures and responsibilities associated with being human, personal, family, professional and everything in between. Opportunities to stop and reflect on the beauty, joy, potential and connection that exists within our daily thoughts and actions can sometimes be forgotten or pushed behind in its importance.

This has been a beautiful winter weather week. Clear blue sky days, winter warmth and bright starry nights. The night sky is a sight that can always catch my attention and imagination if I glance in that direction. I have experienced on so many occasions throughout my life that feeling of awe, as if seeing it for the first time, looking up while doing something outside at night and appreciating the beauty and depth of the universe that surrounds us. This week it was returning home after a full day, parking the car and making my way to the front door. Unconsciously the night sky caught my attention, as if to say, do not enter the house after a busy day without first taking time to ‘stop and smell the roses’.

I am very privileged to work with groups of inspiring individuals. The children in particular offer so many opportunities to reflect on what potential and connection are all about. Again this week I have been inspired by the curious minds, thoughtful questions, courageous vulnerability and openness to growth and learning that has been witnessed. These moments take place amongst the busyness of facilitating for groups of various sizes, ages, needs, outcomes, unpredictability and the list goes on. Taking the time ‘to stop and smell the roses’ within this framework is sharing a belly laugh, really listening to the group or individual, appreciating the power of shared vulnerability, and above all being present, real and authentic in our interactions with others.

My final example from this week is time spent on the bicycle. With the weather and schedule that presented itself this week I was able to enjoy more time riding between commitments. Rather than the regularity of travelling by car when time constraints exist, there is a freedom and joy to be felt when travelling by bike. The different sounds, sights, interactions and physical activity provide for a completely different experience. Exploring opportunities to ‘stop and smell the roses’ refreshes and energises us as we continue the journey of potential within our days.

Glancing at the escarpment out the window as I write this, enjoying quality time with family or friends, sunrise or sunset, celebrating an amazing feat at the London 2012 Games, sharing a cup of tea or literally walking through a rose garden, we are presented with opportunities to stop and reflect if we choose to do so. I hope that your week has been full of moments that remind and inspire you of potential, through connection to self, others and the world around us.

“Joy springs from within; no one makes you joyous; you choose joyfulness.” – Unknown


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