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One of my favourite quotes is, ‘It’s not the chances we take but the choices we make, that determine our destiny’. This quote reminds me that thought comes before action. Despite the successes and challenges that we may encounter in our lives, we choose how we will respond in our thoughts and then actions.

In our work we see participants encounter challenges on a daily basis. We provide these experiences to further their learning and achieve the outcomes of the program. Through reflection the participants are able to process their response to challenges, whether they be personal or as a group. Areas such as trust, communication, belief and confidence, taking appropriate risks and many others can be explored so that participants can discover how what they thought affected what they did. This is then applied to other areas of the participants life and supported through meaningful action beyond the program.

This video is an amazing example of the way we respond to challenges. I remember the first time I watched it, a little over a year ago, being shocked and inspired by what I was hearing. Caroline Casey epitomises the title of this talk, looking past limits. Many times in our lives we predetermine what we are capable of doing. This talk I hope can inspire you to look past the limits and see what is possible when you connect to your authentic potential. This quote about Caroline sums it up best,

“She is one of those people who, instead of just talking about changing the world, gets up and actually does it however tough the doing of it turns out to be.” – The Irish Times


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