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What a big week, busy but rewarding. For four days we were refreshing knowledge and skills in the area of Wilderness First Aid. Maintaining our professional knowledge and skills is very important at Explore Discover Act, safety is key to programs that we facilitate. Our staff provide a supportive, engaging and enjoyable environment for all the participants. Having access to valuable external and internal training opportunities, like this external requalification, continues to challenge, inspire and motivate us on our journey of providing quality experiences for our clients.

The Wilderness First Aid course was a mix of information, discussion, skill practice and scenarios. The list of injuries and situations that we were confronted with provides confidence and empowerment for staff as we deliver experiential learning programs in a variety of locations. Whether it is bites and stings, cuts and lacerations, anaphylaxis or asthma, fractures or any of the other things that we encountered, we continue to be prepared to respond to routine first aid or emergency situations in the workplace and in the community.

This short inspiring video caught my eye this week. It reminds us that living a full and rewarding life involves risk, whether that being vulnerable in being true to yourself to achieve your potential or accidents that can happen that affect various elements of our life. This is the reason that being prepared to respond to situations that occur throughout our lives, either as a first aider like we were retraining in this week, or as an individual who is dealing with the challenges that life can present, like in this example for Beigette Gill. Being able to persevere, dream of a tomorrow that is better than today and undertake daily thoughts and actions that move us closer to those dreams is a continuing journey.

The human body is incredible. What we can achieve through determination and commitment is incredible. The support of those around us and the communities in our lives, such as camp for Beigette, can be a world of difference for someone else. We love to see the connection and growth possible each and every day. Enjoy watching this short video, considering how you too can be prepared to respond to life’s successes and challenges.


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