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“You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.”

– Irene C. Kassorla

From the beginning of our journey, stories are so important. So much joy comes from watching young children create elaborate stories that allow for fun, creativity, play, connection and processing the world around them. At school we then learn that stories are called narratives, that they have a structure and purpose. We are marked on our narratives that we write, given topics, sentence starters or characters that we must include. Our minds race as we try to incorporate interesting complications and resolutions to fulfil the criteria for the task. For some the essence of why we create stories can be lost.

This short video below has caught my eye this week for a few reasons. The first is the amazing natural beauty that is displayed throughout. I am constantly amazed at how beautiful a world we live in, especially with landscapes such as these from South America. Finding inspiration in our connection to the world around us through appreciating and looking after our precious planet can be a motivating force throughout our lives. Unfortunately we hear of stories where humans do not respect our relationship with the environment but more importantly we witness the commitment of so many within our global village to demonstrate respect through thoughts and actions.

Another reason is that this time last year I had just arrived at The School of St Jude in Tanzania, ready to start 4 months as a teacher mentor. Having just completed a 2 month holiday exploring Southern Africa, I was ready to put down my bags and throw myself into life at the school. That experience proved to be very important within my story, allowing me to gain a deeper connection with St. Jude’s. The people we meet and the experiences that we have play such an important role in being able to reflect on the question that is posed in this video, ‘did you enjoy your story?’ Our ability to share our gifts and talents with others is a contributing factor, finding ways in our everyday lives to connect to others while sharing who we are.

The last is our connection to important people in our lives. Especially thinking of those who are experiencing illness or traumatic events at the moment. Like a narrative, our lives have a series of complications and resolutions. Reminding ourselves why we create stories, for fun, creativity, play, connection and processing the world around us, can assist us throughout the many ups and downs. Families, friends and communities provide support and inspiration to continue writing our story even when times may be challenging.

Pick up your pen, each and every day, and write your story. Express joy and gratitude on your pages for the people and experiences in your life that allow us to continue to explore the possibilities, discover your potential and act authentically.


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