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One of my favourite quotes is, ‘It’s not the chances we take but the choices we make, that determine our destiny’. This quote reminds me that thought comes before action. Despite the successes and challenges that we may encounter in our lives, we choose how we will respond in our thoughts and then actions.

In our work we see participants encounter challenges on a daily basis. We provide these experiences to further their learning and achieve the outcomes of the program. Through reflection the participants are able to process their response to challenges, whether they be personal or as a group. Areas such as trust, communication, belief and confidence, taking appropriate risks and many others can be explored so that participants can discover how what they thought affected what they did. This is then applied to other areas of the participants life and supported through meaningful action beyond the program.

This video is an amazing example of the way we respond to challenges. I remember the first time I watched it, a little over a year ago, being shocked and inspired by what I was hearing. Caroline Casey epitomises the title of this talk, looking past limits. Many times in our lives we predetermine what we are capable of doing. This talk I hope can inspire you to look past the limits and see what is possible when you connect to your authentic potential. This quote about Caroline sums it up best,

“She is one of those people who, instead of just talking about changing the world, gets up and actually does it however tough the doing of it turns out to be.” – The Irish Times


Training and Development

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What a big week, busy but rewarding. For four days we were refreshing knowledge and skills in the area of Wilderness First Aid. Maintaining our professional knowledge and skills is very important at Explore Discover Act, safety is key to programs that we facilitate. Our staff provide a supportive, engaging and enjoyable environment for all the participants. Having access to valuable external and internal training opportunities, like this external requalification, continues to challenge, inspire and motivate us on our journey of providing quality experiences for our clients.

The Wilderness First Aid course was a mix of information, discussion, skill practice and scenarios. The list of injuries and situations that we were confronted with provides confidence and empowerment for staff as we deliver experiential learning programs in a variety of locations. Whether it is bites and stings, cuts and lacerations, anaphylaxis or asthma, fractures or any of the other things that we encountered, we continue to be prepared to respond to routine first aid or emergency situations in the workplace and in the community.

This short inspiring video caught my eye this week. It reminds us that living a full and rewarding life involves risk, whether that being vulnerable in being true to yourself to achieve your potential or accidents that can happen that affect various elements of our life. This is the reason that being prepared to respond to situations that occur throughout our lives, either as a first aider like we were retraining in this week, or as an individual who is dealing with the challenges that life can present, like in this example for Beigette Gill. Being able to persevere, dream of a tomorrow that is better than today and undertake daily thoughts and actions that move us closer to those dreams is a continuing journey.

The human body is incredible. What we can achieve through determination and commitment is incredible. The support of those around us and the communities in our lives, such as camp for Beigette, can be a world of difference for someone else. We love to see the connection and growth possible each and every day. Enjoy watching this short video, considering how you too can be prepared to respond to life’s successes and challenges.

Our Story

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“You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand.”

– Irene C. Kassorla

From the beginning of our journey, stories are so important. So much joy comes from watching young children create elaborate stories that allow for fun, creativity, play, connection and processing the world around them. At school we then learn that stories are called narratives, that they have a structure and purpose. We are marked on our narratives that we write, given topics, sentence starters or characters that we must include. Our minds race as we try to incorporate interesting complications and resolutions to fulfil the criteria for the task. For some the essence of why we create stories can be lost.

This short video below has caught my eye this week for a few reasons. The first is the amazing natural beauty that is displayed throughout. I am constantly amazed at how beautiful a world we live in, especially with landscapes such as these from South America. Finding inspiration in our connection to the world around us through appreciating and looking after our precious planet can be a motivating force throughout our lives. Unfortunately we hear of stories where humans do not respect our relationship with the environment but more importantly we witness the commitment of so many within our global village to demonstrate respect through thoughts and actions.

Another reason is that this time last year I had just arrived at The School of St Jude in Tanzania, ready to start 4 months as a teacher mentor. Having just completed a 2 month holiday exploring Southern Africa, I was ready to put down my bags and throw myself into life at the school. That experience proved to be very important within my story, allowing me to gain a deeper connection with St. Jude’s. The people we meet and the experiences that we have play such an important role in being able to reflect on the question that is posed in this video, ‘did you enjoy your story?’ Our ability to share our gifts and talents with others is a contributing factor, finding ways in our everyday lives to connect to others while sharing who we are.

The last is our connection to important people in our lives. Especially thinking of those who are experiencing illness or traumatic events at the moment. Like a narrative, our lives have a series of complications and resolutions. Reminding ourselves why we create stories, for fun, creativity, play, connection and processing the world around us, can assist us throughout the many ups and downs. Families, friends and communities provide support and inspiration to continue writing our story even when times may be challenging.

Pick up your pen, each and every day, and write your story. Express joy and gratitude on your pages for the people and experiences in your life that allow us to continue to explore the possibilities, discover your potential and act authentically.

Ideas into Action

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During the week on Facebook we have been posting ideas worth spreading from TED@Sydney last weekend. Ideas worth spreading is the theme of TED events that happen right around the world. The speakers from the event in Sydney were all participating in a Global Talent Search, auditioning to speak at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California in 2013. The theme for that conference is ‘The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.’ The examples we posted were inspiring to us for many different reasons but each contained an individuals authentic journey of connection and potential.

“If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform a million realities.”
― Maya Angelou

This quote from Maya Angelou is used in the attached TED Talk from Patti Dobrowolski at an event in America. It highlights the immense power that a single idea can effect. Ideas that we as humans have are sparked by many different experiences, interactions, our passions and dreams. It is then up to the individual or group to assess and alter their thoughts and actions to make a difference for themselves or others. This is the vital process, how do we transfer our ideas into action?

Patti Dobrowolski uses statistics to demonstrate the resistance to change that humans experience. She talks about the bold actions required over comfort that we must leave behind as we see it, believe it and then train the brain. The belief that our current situation doesn’t determine our future fuels the picture or road map for change, our lives can be filled with connection, purpose, freedom and love. This is where the individual is able to fill their picture with colour and emotion, getting inside it. Her three step process of see it, believe it, act on it requires reflection, belief and courage as you engage in positive daily thoughts and actions, moving you closer to your vision and dreams.

Our vision at Explore Discover Act is ‘A global village of informed connected and empowered individuals who believe deeply in their own potential and that of others. Individuals demonstrate respect for self, others and the environment, taking responsibility for their daily thoughts and actions.’ Each program that we plan and facilitate, and each communication through the various social media posts that we engage with, strive to continue our journey of potential, inspiring and challenging participants and readers. We believe strongly in turning ideas into action, by exploring the possibilities, discovering your potential and then acting authentically. This is the process that we incorporate into all that we do, using experiential learning in our programs, learning by doing with reflection, and providing for meaningful connection to action beyond the program, as well as using social media posts to engage in a shared journey of connection, through experiences, ideas, questions and awareness.

What ideas do you consider are worth spreading?

Here at Explore Discover Act we look forward to continuing to spread ideas and also providing meaningful connection to action. Go out and be the change that you wish to see in your own life and the amazing global village that we live in!

“Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.”

– Mary Kay Ash

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