Life: Our Ongoing Communications Degree

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As I included in last weeks post, our lives are all about relationships. As we all experience each and every day, a key element in all our relationships is communication. This engaging talk shows Maria Shriver speaking to the Class of 2012 at USC Annenberg School about their exciting upcoming journey, from the classroom out into the big wide world of communications. This honest conversation aims to inspire and challenge the future news reporters, journalists, editors or the various other roles these students will take on in the future. In watching this talk I believe that many of these themes explored relate to our ongoing communications degree that we are studying throughout our life, not just the individuals sitting excitedly pondering their future.

Life is experiential, learning by doing, with reflection. Each of our experiences provide opportunities for building our awareness and appreciation of who we are, what is important to us and the difference we can make in our own lives and the lives of others. Life is like an ongoing course of study, one that does not have a set graduation date, rather a journey of exploration and discovery as we navigate our daily thoughts and actions. Whether we take advantage of these opportunities for growth along our journey is up to us!

Maria Shriver speaks about the 24/7 communications connected world that we live in. Each day, regardless of the time, we step out into a global village of technology driven communication options. From your phone, tablet or computer you are able to write, post, tweet, text, read, share, talk, Skype, check in, purchase and the list goes on. This list does not even take into account the many in person interactions we experience each day. With all of these opportunities to press the send button in the fast paced lives that we lead, it is important as Maria talks about to press the pause button as well. Being able to stop and reflect allows your daily thoughts and actions to highlight your values and vision, while you courageously write and engage in your own authentic story.

With this technology overload, that follows us with portable devices, the pause button or reflection can allow us to focus on the here and now. Those ‘What are you going to do’ questions that Maria refers to in her speech relate to attitudes and behaviours written by others expectations and judgements. It is important that we change the channel, realising it is alright that we don’t have all the answers as we explore the possibilities, discover your potential and act authentically. The way that we speak, write, interpret and use language can open opportunities to communicate inwardly as well as outwardly. We can empower ourselves and others as we truly listen, effectively navigating life’s successes and challenges.

With all these daily communication options at our disposal, a great responsibility falls on each of us. We all encounter facts, reports, rumours and judgements, shared by family and friends, while having coffee with work colleagues, when reading the newspaper or watching TV to name just a few, and can choose how we process and pass on this information. Imagine the global village we aspire to live in, built on respect, compassion, understanding, awareness and appreciation. How can the way that you communicate help create this?

“The basic building block of good communications is the feeling that every human being is unique and of value.”

– Unknown


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