Roles we play in each others lives

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With this Sunday being Mother’s Day here in Australia, it has me thinking about the roles that we play in each others lives. Many of us will be buying cards and presents, spending time together at a family meal, visiting a grave to remember those who have passed, making a phone call or various other ways that communicate to that person how much we appreciate what they do for us. The love and support from your mother or other female relative or friend who provides this in our lives can inspire and comfort us throughout life’s successes and challenges.

This relationship is a human relationship, which means that it changes and evolves all the time. There are times of joy as individuals experience shared belonging and connection, as well as times of frustration as individuals feel like the other may not understand or appreciate them, and everything in between. Regardless of the ups and downs of the relationship, an imprint is left on our lives that we reflect on throughout our daily thoughts and actions.

Yesterday I put on our Facebook page a short extract from Chicken Soup For The Soul, titled ‘Who You Are Makes a Difference’, this is the case for all our interactions and connections. As I wrote yesterday, your daily thoughts and actions contribute more than you may be aware of, especially to those around you. Believe in your potential and find ways to honour all those who you have connection to, self, others and the world around us.

In watching this short video I am reminded of how life can change in an instant. I am also reminded of all the incredible lessons that I have learnt from having my mum with me throughout my life’s journey. Whether it be when growing up, or as an adult living overseas or in the same city, I carry with me each day her unwavering love, support and belief in my potential. Days like Mother’s Day give us a chance to honour special people in our lives but we also need to reflect on ways we honour ourselves and others through who we are and our daily thoughts and actions.

We teach each other and reinforce things for each other everyday. How to love and be kind, be real and genuine, and live simply so that others can simply live are amazing lessons that this man was taught by his mother.

Wishing everyone an amazing weekend and time spent honouring those around you for the difference they make in your life.


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