The Human Experience

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What I love most about my work is that it is all about connecting with people. It is a privilege to on a daily basis be able to work with individuals and groups that open themselves up to be challenged and inspired through varied educational experiences. Whether it is within the school classroom or playground, walking through the bush, problem solving as a group during an initiative challenge, finding out more about the world that we live in, or climbing to the top of the mobile wall, each time I get to witness those moments that an individual demonstrates through their thoughts and actions that feeling of connection to self, others and the world around us, it is a glimpse into their journey of potential.

I posted on the Explore Discover Act Facebook page the other day a link to Brene Brown’s TED Talk from a few years ago. I have watched that talk on ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ many times since first seeing it a few years back, each time being reminded how human we all are. There are many times that we sit back and see others do things that we tell ourselves we could never do, trying to stay away from the spotlight so that we are not forced to deal with our own insecurities. This being quiet is sometimes confronted head on, resulting in reactions that can vary from staying silent and hiding to violent outbursts, verbal and/or physical. Yesterday being the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence is a reminder that we see in schools, workplaces, communities and homes the result of this disconnect that individuals create to be able to repeatedly behave in a way that is harmful and misuses power towards another individual or group.

Having just watched Brene Brown latest TED Talk from a few weeks back I am again reminded of the vulnerability that I try to foster within the groups that I work with. Creating an environment where individuals enjoy the adventure of exploring, trying and possibly failing is part of the journey, discovering, being real and vulnerable in front of others builds stronger connection, and acting, using those stronger connections to assist in achieving our goals, is of vital importance. Life itself is experiential, learning by doing, transferring this learning into making a positive difference in our lives and those of others depends on the reflection we are willing to undertake and the courage to apply this in our daily thoughts and actions. This is a continuous journey and one that requires honest dialogue along the way as we navigate lifes successes and challenges.

Take time each day to consider how your daily thoughts and actions are moving you towards your goals. Reflect on what limiting beliefs and definitions of success might be keeping you from participating fully in elements of your life. This investment of time throughout the human experience will be well worth it, I am constantly amazed and inspired by the sights and sounds of individuals and groups achieving what they thought was unachievable. I hope you enjoy this talk and reflect on what is real for you.






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