The Explore Discover Act Way

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Explore Discover Act facilitate programs for schools, community groups and corporate clients. Each of our programs reflect our belief in the potential of every individual through a connection to self, others and the world around us. Within each of the experiences offered the participants move through the Explore, Discover and Act phases, providing meaning, purpose and engagement with meaningful connection to action beyond the program.  An outline of these phases appears below:

Explore [the possibilities]

The Explore phase of the program is the beginning of a journey that will allow participants time and space to examine the themes of:

  • Self as an individual
  • Self as part of a team
  • Defining success
  • Communication

This is achieved through practical activities and reflection on the experiences. It is vital that participants see the relevance of the experience to their current situation and are aware of the outcomes of the program. This initial phase allows participants to establish a connection with themselves, each other, the facilitator and the space in an open, supportive, inspiring and challenging environment.

Discover [your potential]

The Discover phase of the program is the continuation of the journey that will provide participants active engagement within challenges that promote the themes of:

  • Challenge
  • Leadership
  • Motivation and passion
  • Community

Participants complete activities that require them to problem solve using a cooperative approach and challenge their individual ideas and comfort zones. As a result participants will discover how they react to and relate to group dynamics, while identifying their potential in various areas of their life.

Act [authentically]

Act is the final phase of the journey that will allow participants to transform their learning into action, through the themes of:

  • Appreciation
  • Connection
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Emphasis is placed on celebrating the accomplishments of the individual and the group. The individuals are encouraged to establish authentic ways to engage with their passions, confidently applying their learning and establishing networks to assist them achieve their goals.

For more information on specific programs, visit the website or contact the friendly and helpful Explore Discover Act staff.


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