Meeting my Sponsored Child

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Not only was I excited about being able to spend some time volunteering at St. Jude’s but I was also very excited about being able to meet the child that I sponsor there. My cousin had visited the school a year before and met Samwel, visiting his home and meeting his mother and younger brother, so I had seen photos and spoken to her about her experience. Now it was my turn to connect further with the child I had received letters, school reports and photos from over the past couple of years.

Being able to see Samwel around the school during the day, teach him each week during physical education lessons, visit his home and meet his mum and younger brother,  and above all being around a child that had a positive attitude towards the different successes and challenges that he was encountering was an amazing privilege for me. I am consistently inspired when I work with children, they always teach you something in the way they think, interpret, question and surprise, and being around Samwel and the other students at St. Jude’s was no different. Their attitude towards learning showed in their thirst for opportunities to be at school and in the classroom, their love of books and reading, the way they played at full speed whenever they got the chance, and the respect they show their teachers and learning environments. I will always remember that smile of Samwel’s and look forward to following his progress at St. Jude’s from here in Australia.

The photo above is outside Samwel’s family home. It is one room, containing a single bed, lounge, coffee table and other clothes, cooking and cleaning items. Each time I have visited local family homes in the different parts of Africa that I have lived in or visited it has reinforced to me that possessions do not define our lives, the relationships we build, the courage and resilience we demonstrate during our challenges and successes, and the sharing of our gifts and talents is what is important. His mum was so welcoming to me when I visited, I am very grateful for her hospitality and sharing part of her families life journey with me. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to travel and work in various countries around the world, it has given me a greater awareness and appreciation of my life and the lives of others.


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