Start of the Explore Discover Act Journey

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. (Lao-Tzu)

Explore Discover Act has developed from a journey of professional and personal opportunities, one that has included many steps along the way. I believe that all of our experiences, or steps, allow us to learn and grow, while testing the way we view and interact with ourselves, others and the world around us. How we interpret these experiences throughout our many successes and challenges is determined by our mental attitude and internal dialogue that we have developed. The courage and compassion that we are prepared to apply during our interactions with others, telling our life story with our whole heart and really listening to each other is an important element in this process. We are provided with opportunities to use our gifts and talents for creating a better world for all in our daily lives, with this authentic connection providing meaningful and valuable contributions that we can make as individuals and groups.

As founder of Explore Discover Act, I am proud to be able to introduce myself and this new experiential learning business. We offer programs that reflect, through our core values and facilitation techniques, the belief that we all should have the opportunity to achieve our potential and the important role that we all have in our global village. Listening to and acting on our passions, through a growing awareness of ourselves, can allow participants to increase knowledge and appreciation, develop skills and clarify values. When you’re involved in the physical process of learning, its transfer into various areas of our lives becomes much more seamless, therefore Explore Discover Act programs consist of experiential learning activities which involve learning by doing with reflection. The building of individuals into community and the connection developed with our clients should allow for the fulfilment of our philosophical goals:

Explore (the possibilities)                Discover (your potential)                  Act (authentically)

Based in Wollongong NSW, we not only provide services to the Illawarra, but also to a wider area due to the flexible and mobile modes of delivery. Explore our programs page on our website for more information on the types of experiences that we can offer you.

Explore Discover Act looks forward to being able to connect with you through this blog, another step on the now shared journey.

Cameron Brown

A little about me…

I am a qualified teacher and outdoor education facilitator with over 10 years experience in the field. I have travelled extensively and worked in teaching and outdoor education roles in the United Kingdom, America and East Africa, in addition to schools and outdoor education settings within Australia. These diverse experiences complement and enrich the programs offered by Explore Discover Act.

I am passionate about social justice initiatives and have been inspired by the lives and experiences of people from many cultures. I believe in lifelong learning, placing a high importance on education, and also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Enthusiasm and a sense of fun are central to the way I undertake all areas of my professional and personal life. Follow the Explore Discover Act blog for more on my activities and thoughts.


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